DIY Swarm Box

Introduction: DIY Swarm Box

Welcome to how to make a DIY Swarm Box

Step 1: Choosing Your Wood

Get your wood together, I used a 21x5 common board piece of wood for the base and two 12x5 boards for the sides. Next I used two 27x7 and two 27x3 pieces of wood for the sides. I secured everything using 2inch screws and wood glue.

Step 2: Creating the Base

Start off by using the 24x5 piece of wood for the base of the swarm box and then screw the 12x5 board to the corner and securing the wood together with more wood glue. Then I repeated that on the other side creating the two sides of the box

Step 3: Making the Back

Next, use the 24x5 piece of wood on back side for the bottom and placed it in between both of the side boards and screw them together and secure with wood glue. After that take the smaller 24x3 piece of wood and place it on top, also screw that to the sides and add glue.

Step 4: Adding the Front

After that, take the same 24x7 board and cut a small 4x1 slit at the bottom of the board so the bees can come in. Then place that board along with the 24x3 board on top and screw them in place and seal with wood glue.

Step 5: Making the Lid

Following, Take a larger piece of wood 27x7 to create a detachable lid, Take scarp pieces of wood to make stopper to keep to lid on (I used scarp cubes). Glue them on the edges so they fit on the inside of the swarm box.

Step 6: Finishing Touches

Lastly, paint the entire box any color of your choosing(not toxic to not harm to bees). Then seal with a non-scratching, weather proof, durable top coat

Step 7:

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