Introduction: DIY Synthesizer

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This is the simplest method you will find to make a Arduino Synthesizer.

Step 1: All You Need Is:

  • Paper or any non conductive material.
  • Connecting wires.
  • Aluminium foil (Any conductive material will work eg: copper sheet.)
  • Arduino Micro controller board.
  • Speaker (For output ofcource)
  • Female headphone jack (buy one or connect digital ground and and digital 11 appropriately.)
  • Glue.
  • Duct tape.

Step 2: All You Need to Do Is:

  1. Take six wires tape it together as shown in the image and insert those in the analog input A0 to A5.
  2. Tape two more wires together and insert them to digital 6 and 7 pins.
  3. Now a total of 8 wires are in the board.
  4. Connect these eight wires on the other end to aluminium foil by duct tape.
  5. Now insert two more wires in digital ground and eleven.
  6. Other end of these wires are needed to be connected to female head phone jack.
  7. Upload the arduino code as provided to the arduino board.
  8. Connect the speaker and enjoy.
  9. After you do everything instructed wait for a while and then touch the aluminium foil.