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Hello guys, i have a pet turtle (Red eared slider) who is a Billy Bunter but i cant feed him every time he needs food because i go to school in the morning and return to home in the evening and some times i even don't feed it when i am busy with my school work so i decided to make a Automatic feeder to keep it happy . There is a video of him begging for food. watch it to have a look on him.It feeds him every 6 hours that is 4 times a day

Step 1: Gathering the Things.

list of things

1. Arduino Uno

2.Plastic container

3. Ice-cream stick-1


5.Rubber Bands

6.Jumper Wire

7.Power bank

8.Servo motor

Step 2: Setting Up the Container

Get the plastic container and cut it on the the top in a rectangular shape it is the place from where the food directly falls into the aquarium so cut according to how much you want to feed it in one slot and then fill the container with turtle a box of drawing pins for the plastic container or you could also use plastic box similar to that.

Step 3: Setting Up the Servo

Cut the ice cream stick and attach it to servo motor using a glue.Remember that the the shape,length and width of the Ice cream stick should be exact to the shape,length and width of the open area of the container which you have cut in the previous step.

Step 4: Connecting the Arduino to the Servo

Follow these connections

Servo -------- Arduino

GND ------- GND

VCC -------- +5v

Signal -------- 7(digital pin)

Step 5: Progamming

Download the code below


Step 6: Mounting the Circuit to Container

Now mount the entire circuit to the back of container as shown in the picture with help of rubber bands .I used rubber band instead of glue because it will be easy to remove the circuit while refilling the food into the container

Step 7: Connect to Power Bank

Connect the power bank to the Arduino via USB cable of Arduino or connect a 12v adapter if you have a power outlet near your aquarium.I recommend adapter because you should recharge the power bank after every 2-3 days you could do that in the night time before going to sleep and remove from charging after you woke up.

Step 8: IT IS READY!

now mount the setup to wall or hang it or tie it do what ever you want to do but make sure that the food falls into the aquarium.I had uploaded the picture of my setup and also a video of it working

Step 9: Final Words

*This could also be used as a fish feeder(replace the food)

*Will be useful when you are on vacations

*Gonna develop it in future stay updated by following me. This is my first project too

*If you want to contact me if you have any issues or want code for particular project feel free to mail me

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