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Introduction: DIY TV Stand

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What better way to enjoy summer sporting events like the NBA Finals, Summer Olympics, baseball, and the coming NFL season than with an outdoor TV. My father in law found a trash picked TV that still worked but needed a stand.

Leaving even a trash picked TV outside in the elements seemed like a poor idea. I have limited storage space so I came up with this simple DIY TV stand that can be built in under 45 minutes with what could amount to scrap wood if you have a supply of dimensional lumber. Add in some metric bolts, deck screws and you have the perfect DIY TV stand for your deck or patio. It would also work well for camping (glamping?) or tailgating.

When the stand is complete you can easily break it down and store the TV flat or on a wall in your garage with another french cleat.

Step 1: Items Needed

Watch the video to see a quick overview of how to build the DIY TV Stand. Below are important details, drawings, and a rough list of materials needed.


Dimensions can be tweaked to fit your particular TV and stand needs.

Scale all dimensions for the whole design up or down to maintain stability. If you make the stand much taller you need to make the feet longer.

If you make it too tall and the feet too narrow the stand could become unstable and fall over!! Please be careful.

2"x6" lumber (nominal sized)

  • 4 - 36" long pieces for feet
  • 4 - 5.5" long blocks for spacers between feet

2"x4" lumber (nominal sized)

  • 2 - 47" long legs
  • 2 - 27" long cross pieces (tv will mount to this directly if you do not use french cleats)

3" deck screws

M6 flat head screws 25mm (1" long worked for my TV but will vary depending on the model of your TV)

French Cleats:

3/4" Plywood ripped down to 3" long strip with 45 degree angle

or 1"x3" lumber with 45 degree bevel cut on top (plywood is preferred because it has better dimensional stability)

Cut two french cleats to 30" long. Attach one to TV stand cross pieces attach other to TV using flat head screws.

To adjust for extra thickness of french cleat you will need to add a 3/4" spacer to either the tv or the stand below the french cleat.

See attached PDF and DXF for overall dimensions and assembly guidelines.

Fusion 360 files available below:

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    5 years ago

    Very nice, this looks perfectly solid. That TV was a great find in trash! :)