Introduction: DIY Target Shooting Game

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I am an aged care nurse who fills in the position of entertainment officer when she is away. I had to do her job for 4 weeks in a row and had no idea what I was going to be doing with them. I came up with the idea of making another game since the Horse Racing game I made was such a hit.


  • 4 X different colours of felt
  • 6 x Ping pong balls
  • 1 piece of board
  • 1 x Foam approx 5cm thick
  • velcro strips
  • Glue
  • Felt numbers
  • Stapler
  • balloons
  • spray adhesive
  • Pins
  • Black cotton fabric

Step 1: Buy Your Felt

This was my second attempt at this game, my first one was a total failure. The reason it was a failure was I learnt not all felt is equal. The felt on my first attempt would not stick to the velcro. I went to my local budget store with my velcro ball and tested it on the felt first before I bought it. ( Naughty I know) You should be able to throw the velcro ball at the felt and it should stick.

Step 2: Prepare the Board

My board was already a large circle because it was an MDF tabletop. The diameter of the circle is 60cm. I added the foam because with the first attempt the balls would hit the board with such force they would bounce off. The foam is to cushion the blow and make the balls stick. I try to build all my projects using recycled materials, so my foam was and old magnetic eggshell mattress. The foam was cut to the size of the board and glued in place. Cover the board with the black cotton and staple it to the back. I only used cotton because my felt was not long enough. Don't pull the cotton too tight, the target must still be bouncy once covered. I added thumbtacks to the sides for a better cosmetic look, because it was for work.

Step 3: Join the Felt

Because I could only get A4 sheets of felt I had to sew them together. I used a zig-zag stick to join them. Using a piece of Kraft paper I made a circle template for the targets.

Step 4: Adding the Colour Felt Targets

I measured the board and found my centre and marked it with pins. Using the spray adhesive glue the first circle in place. Using the pins as a guide. If I was skilled using a sewing machine I would have sewed them all. The paper circle was used as a temple for the next colour. Place it over the bottom colour to protect it from overspray from the spray adhesive. Just repeat this step until all the colours have been added. Add your felt numbers to the target. Don't soak the felt in adhesive it will cause the fibres to get flat.

Step 5: Tidy Up the Back

I used thick fishing line to make a hook at the back so the board can be hung up, which was stapled to the back. I cut a piece of Kraft paper slightly smaller than the 60cm and stapled it over the back so it was more presentable.

Step 6: Make the Velcro Balls

The back of velcro strips was self-adhesive, which was sticky enough to add directly to the ping pong ball. I cut the strips in half and covered the surface of the ball. I made 6 for this game. As mention in a previous step, there were places where I added too much adhesive and the velcro became flat. To loosen up the fibres again I used velcro and pushed it down into the felt and pulled it up again.

Step 7: Make the "Gun"

To make my "Gun" I used a plastic cup I had at home and cut off the bottom. I was lazy and used my tabletop sander. I removed any sharp edges with sandpaper. Using a balloon tie a knot in the end and cut off the top. The balloon is then stretched over the cup. The ball is put in the cup the knot in the balloon is pulled back and let go. The knot then hits the ball sending it flying out of the cup to the target. If they shoot too hard which the men tend to do it does bounce off which counts as one of there 6 balls. After the 6 balls are fired the numbers where the balls stick are added up. The person with the highest score wins. We play best of 3 games and the overall winner gets a prize.

Step 8: Chaise Lounge

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