Introduction: DIY Tazer/Stun Glove *With Altoids Case

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Hello and welcome to a a Kante Industry presentation. 
This is my first actually instructable and i decided to make a electric stun / taser glove.
This glove is a prototype and well eventually have extreme stealth capabilities.
The shock from this voltage is high and deadly and this is mean't to be a self
defense weapon only. The glove is charge by a capacitor bank of 4, traveling up
3ft of wire into your glove.

I am not responsible for any accidents or dangers that occur under this product, for this is mean't only for
educational purposes and not offensive. 

Video of the Glove in action.


Here is just a brief list of the stuff you shall need.

Altoids Case
4.5v Battery Case with 3 batteries
2 small metal plates
Any kind of insulated gloves
Wire equivalent to your torso up
3-4 capacitors
Camera Circuit
Post it or similar insulator 

Soldering Iron 
Glue Gun
sparker (something to discharge the capacitors)

Step 2: Schematic

This is the design process that I came up with. 

Step 3: Solder the Capacitors

In order for me to solder the capacitors all I did was first
twist on the wires to the leads then I solder them in one by one. 
Make sure to have half an inch off the side connecting to
the camera and more than an inch for the side leaving the 
altoids can. 

Step 4: Connect to Circuit

Okay now take your camera circuit and replace the capacitor the big round black thing (lol) with the new capacitor bank. 
Making sure that the leads of the capacitor bank corresponds with that on the circuit. 
Next flip over the circuit and remove the round metal switch in the middle. This is used to turn flash on. 
We will peel the metal from the tape and flip it then place back over its spot. This now makes the circuit closed so that you don't have to
start it yourself.  Finally place the piece of insulator on the bottom and sides of the altoids case. 

Step 5: Final Setup

Okay now we will cut a hole through the lid of the case so that the 1in end of the capacitor bank fits through it. Everything should be in the case at this point.  Next we will solder on the extra wires to extend from the torso to the gloves. Heat shrink or tape up the connections for durability. Finall solder on the metal plates to the free end of the extra wire. After this point you have to glue gun the solder side of the plate on to the desirable finger tips. Insulate with tape is recommended. 

Step 6: Testing and Future

Check out the video at the beginning and learn how to easily start it up. I now use 4.5volts in stead of the single AAA battery to speed up and increase the charge. 

I later plan on using foil tips or making my right hand neg and my left a whole positive glove. 
I also plan on making it smaller and more powerful from my coil gun
ideas.  Peace my friends and leave comments. 

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