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Introduction: DIY Teddy Bear Wall Hanging | How to Make Woolen Teddy Bear Wall Decor | Room Decor | DIY CraftsLane

Hello friends!!

Today i'm gonna share one cute adorable DIY craft for room decor or wall hanging.Pom Pom teddy bear and wall hanging made from thermocol and paper.It looks so pretty and cute.It can also use as a gift set.You an give this to your loved one as a gift. So let's start crafting:)

Material needed:



Paper cutter




Acrylic color

Step 1: Teddy Bear Making

Take any two color of yarn of your choice.

Wrap the yarn around your two fingers 40-50 times.Make six pompoms of same size like this.Take another color yarn and make 2 pompoms of different size: 1 using 3 fingers and another using 4 fingers.

Check out my previous instructable for pompom making.The link is given below.

Learn step by step procedure of making pom pom

now join all the parts using hot glue.Use googly eye or you can use card stock paper (black color) for eye.that's it. Pom Pom Teddy bear

Step 2: Wall Hanging

1.Draw a heart shape on a paper and cut it. You need two paper like this.then cut a thermocol into heart shape of same size.Cover the thermocol with that paper by applying glue.

2.Take a paper(size:10cm*3cm) . Roll that paper around a pen and glue it.You need a lot paper rolls like this. It depends on the size of heart shape wall hanging.Join these paper rolls as shown in the fig.5. Then apply acrylic color of your choice.

3.Take Yarn thread(size: 4cm-5cm).Deep it into (glue+water) mixture and roll it with the help of your fingers.Then leave it to dry. (Fig.6).apply glue on paper roll and join these yarn above it(Fig.7).

4.the frame is ready. Now take that teddy and tie it or you can paste it inside that frame.

Step 3:

Hope you like this beautiful craft.Also i am sharing the video link of this craft.

Happy crafting.. :)

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