Introduction: DIY Telescope's Digital Finderscope

Some of us have telescopes and some of them are manual ones like Newtonian reflectors.sometimes its tiresome to find deepsky objects with those with a dobsonian non go to mount .In this Instructable i will show you how to make a digital finder for your telescope which will guide you better while stargazing and help you get more data about what you are seeing with your telescope.its Diy and you won't need very expensive tools for it just a smartphone with an accelerometer and a gyroscope.a smartphone tripod mount which you can buy from amazon for About $5 to $15.So if you are serious about astronomy or an amateur or a hobbyist who want to know about the things he is seeing in the sky but dont want to invest for the big gears needed or just want to keep it simple and clean then just follow the need just about 3 to 4 min of assembly.

Step 1: Materials Required

You dont need much just-
2.screw driver
3.Bolt with the belonging nut (the size of the bolt depends on the size of the hole hole drilled on the front guard of your telescope or you may drill one but remember not to drill a big one as it would not be of the size of the one for attaching the smartphone tripod mount to tripod)
4.smartphone tripod mount i m using istabilizer you can get on here
5.Obviously a Telescope
6.And lastly an augmented reality star chart app on your can download one from play store.i m using star chart infinite you can get the lite version here
their are more apps like - Google sky map, Celestrons Sky portal, Sky safari series, Stellarium or you may search ag star chart apps

Step 2: Assembling the Mount

1.first remove one of the bolt from headstock of your telescope and insert the bolt the one for the mount from inside the telescope.
2.secondly attach the mount to the telescope with the help of nut.

Step 3: Using the Star Chart

when you open the app you have to assign the latitudes and longitude of your position to the app.If you know then you can enter it manually or can update it from GPS.this is the only time need the internet for your particular position.then from the menu you have to enable AR (AUGMENTED REALITY) Mode.

Step 4: Connecting the Smartphone

now all you have to do is connect your smartphone to the telescope.if the position are not accurate you can try to update it from GPS or if the stars aren't aligned you can calliberate the can check it by aligning the telescope to moon or any big and common sky object while attaching the smartphone on telescope.

Step 5: For Refractor or Compound Telescope

if you owe a refractor on an equatorial mount you can attach it a bit near your eyepiece. or try it yourself let me know if it helped you in comments section. For compound telescope usually they are on dobsonian tripod mount so too try it attaching near eyepiece.

Step 6: Thankyou

Many Many thanks for reading this Instructable if it helped you please let me know in the comments section and if you could please click the vote button and vote for me.and offcourse if you liked it or made one click the like or i made it button.

Really pleasure spreading my idea

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