Introduction: DIY Telescoping Oil Drain Pan W/ Dolly for Lifts

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Want to make it easier and cleaner to the oil or other fluids on your vehicle while using a lift but don't want to spent a ton of money? Learn how to make your own telescoping oil drain pan with a dolly using parts from the hardware store!

Parts list

2 buckets

Bucket lid
Bulkhead fitting (replaces aluminum pipe i used)

1" PVC pipe

1" pipe coupler

Bushing for top bucket

1.25" PVC pipe

1.25 PVC T fitting


Silicone RTV

Moving Dolly

Step 1: Bulk Head Fitting

Make or purchase a bulk head fitting to install into the bucket lid.

I chose to make one out of 2" aluminum pipe for added stability over a typical bulk head fitting.

Make 4 1inch cuts around the end of the pipe, bend the 4 tabs over. Clean them, debur and flatten.

Cut hole in bucket lid to fit bulk head fitting into with the 4 tabs on the top of the lid.

Step 2: Assembly Bottom Pipe

Attach a 1.25" PVC T fitting using adhesive or silicone to the 1.25" 2 foot long PVC pipe.

Place the T fitting on the bottom of the bucket, this will help to keep oil and fluids freely flowing.

Slide bulk head fitting over PCV pipe and attach lid to bucket.

For added strength we attached the bulk head fitting to the lid with 4 bolts.

Step 3: Asseemble Upper Pipe

Install the 1" PVC coupling onto the 1" 2 foot long PVC pipe and use black RTV silicone to properly seat it so it doesn't leak.

Step 4: Cut Bucket #2

Grab the second bucket and cut the top completely off, we cut about 5-6 inches of it off.

Step 5: Drain for Upper Bucket

Cut a hold the same size or slightly smaller than the electric PVC bushing that you will be using as a bulk head fitting in the upper bucket that you just cut.

Insert bushing into hole and place the flanged part of the electric PVC bushing on the inside of the bucket and properly seal it with black silicone RTV

Step 6: Attach Upper Pipe

Apply more black silicone RTV to the other side of the electrical bushing

Then attach the upper pipe coupling to the electrical bushing. Make sure you fully seat the bushing into the coupler, you may need to hammer them together for a proper seal pinching the bucket between the two.

Step 7: Making the Dolly

Grab the top of the bucket that you cut off, then attach it to the moving dolly with 6 screws and washers. This will allow you to easily move the drain around the floor when it's full but will allow you to remove it from the dolly when you need to empty the bucket.

Step 8: Install the Height Adjuster

Use a 1" spring clamp to attach to the upper pipe. This will hold the upper pipe in place and lock it against the lower pipe to allow you to adjust the height to your needs.

Step 9: Assembly It!

Assemble everything together and you're done! Now you can easily and cleanly drain your fluids while under the lift!