DIY Thank You Cards



Introduction: DIY Thank You Cards

Weddings have a lot of expenses and one of the expenses that seems to sneak up on budget is stationary.

One way to alleviate this expense is to DIY stationary! One great and quick DIY is making your own thank you cards. Here is one option to make some quick and simple DIY thank you card.

Step 1: Supplies

Here is what I used to make simple thank you notes

Cardstock paper - I was able to buy 50 sheets for 4.99 at my craft store (cardstock is also often on sale)

Stamps - I had these awesome steampunk stamps laying around.

Stamp Pad


Step 2: Cut the Cardstock

I started by cutting the cardstock in half.

I folded it initially then cut along the fold line giving me two equal pieces. Then I folded the piece in half width wise to make my card.

Step 3: Stamping

I started by experimenting with some different types of stampings to decorate the front of the card.

When I will satisfied with the design I wanted I added and then carefully pressed them onto the card.

Step 4: Finished

After the stamping was to my liking I had a completed thank you card.

I really liked the finished product and it was much cheaper to make than buying thank you cards at the store. I was able to get 100 cards for a little less than 5 dollars.


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