DIY Tie Dye Shirts With Food Coloring!




Introduction: DIY Tie Dye Shirts With Food Coloring!


1) First you want to get a clean bucket and fill half of it with water.

2) Next you want to fill the other half with vinegar.

3) After that you want to dip your shirt in the bucket for 5 minutes and take it out.

4) Next you want to roll the shirt in a circular motion and tie it with rubber bands.

5) After that you want to put food coloring on your shirt, for a more pigmented look ,do not add water to the food coloring. For a more faded look, add water to a plastic cup and add 5 drops of food coloring.

6) Wrap the shirt in plastic wrap, and leave it in plastic rap for about 2 hrs.

7) Finally to get the vinegar stench off the shirt you can either wash it , or leave the shirt out for a day!I hope you guys like my new video please give it a thumbs up! and comment down below for any requests!!

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