Introduction: DIY Tie Dye Sweatpants

Loungewear is winning this season and for good reason. With everyone staying home, leggings and other comfy wardrobe staples are everyone’s everyday go-to. And, even better, leggings are so comfortable and work with so many different fashion looks, even if you’re not trying to dress to impress. If you're checking out this look, then you are most likely into tie-dye fashion (yay!), and we're happy to tell you that DIY tie-dye leggings are one more fab tie-dye fashion statement you can rock this year without spending a fortune on designer labels. So, if there’s a positive with all this craziness, it’s how much fun you can have creating your own stay-at-home tie-dye loungewear.

We're totally feeling this inverted-V tie-dye pattern, so check out the tutorial below to see how easy it is to make your own pair of tie-dye leggings or tie-dye joggers with this cool design.


- Tulip One-Step Tie-Dye Kit in Black or your favorite color

- White 100% cotton Sweatpants

- Disposable plastic table cover

- Zip ties (optional - as an alternative to rubber bands in kit)

- Washable marker

- Scissors

Step 1:

Wash your sweatpants and leave damp (do not use fabric softener). Smooth flat on your covered work surface and fold in half vertically, aligning all of your seams. Using a washable marker, draw a diagonal line from inseam to outer edge (seam) of legs.

Step 2:

Starting at inseam, pleat the leggings along the marker line so that the line aligns straight across the tops of pleats. Wrap a zip tie or rubber band tightly around this section to bind.

Step 3:

Continue binding fabric every 1 inch or so with zip ties or rubber bands until you reach the top of the sweatpants. Mix your dye according to instructions and begin adding to the fabric.

Step 4:

Add dye to the entire pair of sweatpants, rotating as needed to make sure you cover with dye. Wrap with the plastic table cover or plastic wrap to keep damp and allow the dye to set for the time recommended in instructions.

Step 5:

Once the dye has set, cut off the rubber bands/zip ties and immediately wash and dry the sweatpant according to instructions. Make sure to wash separately from other clothing as some dye will rinse out in the wash.

Step 6:

How cool are these sweatpants?! See how easy it is to make your own pair? Perfect for binge-watching your favorite new series, cuddling up with a book, or even nap time! Anytime is time to make a statement with your own one-of-a-kind tie-dye fashion. Check out more colorful tie-dye ideas next and stock up on your favorite kits.