Introduction: DIY Time Control Machine

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This project is about how to make a time machine! This machine looks like a glove, and can "stop" any moving subject. At first, watch a video with some demonstration and experiments, guess how it works, and then read about how to make it =)

This effect looks like better in real life (by naked eye, not through a camera), without black lines. Smooth perfect time stop effectc!! IT IS REAL "OH MY GOD" REACTION!

Step 1: All We Need

Generally this project is about Arduino, high-power LED and some tricky magic with soldering iron. Here is some list with links to Aliexpress

Step 2: Wiring

Step 3: Assembling Power Part

At first connect battery, DCDC and MOSFET. Also you need to tune DCDC to 34 V output voltage.

Step 4: Assembling Logic Part

Connect potentiometer and IMU to arduino

Step 5: Fixing on Glove

Fix all parts on glove, using cable ties and velcro strip.

Step 6: LED and Cooling Plate

Fix LED on copper plate, and don't forget to smear thermal paste between them.

Step 7: Fixing LED

Finely, place LED on it's place on glove in order:

  • Metal mount
  • Glove fiber
  • Lense
  • LED
  • Cooling plate

Step 8: Flashing Arduino

You can download sketch and schemes on project's project page on GitHub, also arduino code you can find in attached files.

Step 9: How to Control Time?

This "Time Machine" is just a stroboscope with frequency adjustment. Shake your hand in Z direction of accelerometer (fast move your hand forward), LED will be turned on. Shake again to turn it off.

Use potentiometer for coarse tuning, and glove tilt for accurate tuning. When frequency of object coincide with frequency of LED, it will "stop". And you can adjust "time" for it, tilting your hand, so object will slowly move at normal direction, or reverse. You can watch video about how it works and "freeze" some fast moving objects.

You can use this for pranks and demonstration of stroboscopic effect. Enjoy!