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As a face painter, I always want to make sure that I get the customers to like my hobby and offer some money for all of my hard work. So, what I did was I made myself a tip jar, great for when I do get some kind of face painting job. If you're like me and want to add something for people to give you tips, you can try this project!

Step 1: Simple Material List

This part is really easy. All you have to collect for this project are the following materials...

  • an empty coffee can (I am using a empty can of Fritos Scoops)
  • wrapping paper (I am using some wrapping paper sent by Ronald McDonald House Charities)
  • Mod Podge
  • sponge brush
  • scissors
  • white sticker label
  • markers (not pictured)

Step 2: Paper Cut

First, remove the lid from your can and set that aside. Now, measure and cut out your wrapping paper to fit around your can. Make sure that your paper is the right size as your can and that the paper completely covers the entire can. I am using Ronald McDonald House charity wrapping paper with a balloon print. It adds a nice party feel to it and you can use this for parties or any other special occasion if you're going to make this yourself.

Tip: If you like, you can do like how I did this and measure out your paper by rolling the coffee can down the paper and tracing it with a marker, so it will make for an even cut and you will get the exact same measurement as your coffee can.

Step 3: Glue in Place

Once you've cut out your wrapping paper, glue it in place with Mod Podge and set it aside to dry for a few minutes. It might look a little wrinkly at first, but don't worry. It's just how paper and glue interact with each other anyway! LOL!

Step 4: Tip Jar Slit

Now, you're going to make a hole on your plastic can lid with an X-acto knife, so that the money can go in. You want to be very careful with this step. I find it easy to place the lid on the can and cut through, since the can will hold up and you can hold down the can once you start cutting your lid.

Step 5: Write Out "Tips"

Finally, you're going to grab your makers and write out the word "TIPS" and some dollar signs or any other money-related symbol on a white sticker label and stick it on the front of your can.

Step 6: Tip Jar Complete

Now, your tip jar is all set for your business!

Step 7: Transforming a Coffee Can Into a Tip Jar

This is a really fun project and I love to make crafts out or recycled materials, and this is among one of those crafts! Transforming a empty coffee or snack can into something that you can display at your business or job for customers to give you tips.

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