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Introduction: DIY Torch Light

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This is a very simple led torch light that uses the series connection of a led, a switch, a resistor and a 9 volt battery. It is very handy to use when there is no light. To make the torch brighter the number of LEDs can be added.

Step 1: Required Materials

The list of materials required for making a LED Torch light are:

  1. High Intensity LED light [1]
  2. Small on / off switch [1]
  3. 9 volt battery [1]
  4. Scissor [1]
  5. Electrical Tape [1]
  6. Wires [few]
  7. Resistor 270 ohm [1]

Step 2: Circuit Diagram

The circuit diagram is a series combination of LED, a switch, a resistor and a 9 v Battery.

Step 3: Connect a Wire and a on / Off Switch

Step 1: Connect a wire to the one end of the on / off switch

You can get a small on/off switch in any electrical shop near you. Make sure that the wire is connected securely to the switch and does not come off easily.

Step 4: Connect a LED and a Switch

Step 2: Connect a led to other end of the switch

A LED has two legs and usually the longer led is positive terminal and shorter one is negative terminal. However it may be different in your case. So, you have to test the terminal using a battery and a resistor before connecting it. Please do not connect the two terminal of LED to the battery, use a resistor [270 ohm], otherwise you might damage the led and burn your finger.

Step 5: Connect a Resistor to a LED

Step 3: Connect a resistor to the other leg of the LED

Always remember to connect a resistor while lighting a LED. The resistor limits the flow of current from battery so that the LED is protected and glow for long time.

Step 6: Connect -ve Terminal of LED and -ve Terminal of Battery

Step 4: Connect the wire connected to the shorter leg of LED to the negative terminal of battery.

Make sure that the positive terminal of LED is connected to positive terminal of battery and negative terminal of LED to negative terminal of battery.

Step 7: Connect +ve Terminal LED and +ve Terminal Battery

Step 5: Connect the wire coming from the longer leg of LED to the positive terminal of battery.

Check the connection of LED and battery. Make sure that switch is between the LED and battery.

Step 8: Secure the Connections

Step 6: Secure the connection using an electric tape.

Be careful to make the connection secure among wire, resistor, LED, switch and battery.

Step 9: Test Your Torch

Step 7: Now your torch is ready to be used when there is no light.

Do the final test and see if the LED glow when u turn on the switch, if it turns ON, then your torch is ready to use. If you want to make the connection more secure then you can do solder the connection. Also to make it more interesting you can add a buzzer in place of LED and hear what happens !

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    Question 1 year ago on Step 3

    how this torch blow??


    Question 2 years ago on Step 1

    Apart from 270 ohm resistor which other resistor can we use?


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    It costs < 1$. This project was made as an example for kids in our class, so that they can also upload their own instructables by the end of our electronic music class at Karkhana.