DIY TouchScreen Gloves: Lazy and Quick




Introduction: DIY TouchScreen Gloves: Lazy and Quick

Turn almost any your glove into conductive touchscreen glove!
In 10 minutes you can process all your gloves.

Step 1:

You will need your glove and some conductive varnish spray. I used Graphite varnish. I successfully processed my warm thick fleece glove and thinner leather glove.

Step 2:

Turn the index fingers on the gloves inside out, and apply enough conductive varnish on the fingertip.
Let it dry (you may use radiator).
Your are done. Take your phone and try, good luck!

1) Not as responsible as your finger, but sufficient to make and receive calls on the frost.
2) Sometimes your finger may become a little gray with graphite after wearing a glove, like if you touch pencil lead. It is easily washed off.
3) I didn't try it on white or light gloves, it may spoil their look, so be careful.

Stay warm!
Thank you for attention!

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    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Yes, it can be silver-based or graphite-based. I used graphite.