Introduction: DIY Toy Fan

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This is a toy fan made out of basic components we can find from our homes. You can follow this instructable and make your own toy fan. And also you can watch the video to get the full idea. Hope you enjoy this

Step 1: What You Need?

You just need following materials and tools to make this amazing fan toy

- Plastic ball

- Large ice cream stick

- Kebab stick

- 30cm long string

- Super glue

- Soldering iron

- Pair of scissor

- Crafts knife or sharp tool

- Plastic bottle mouth seal piece

- Rubber band

- Marker pen

Step 2: Make the Holes

Put the rubber band to the ball and mark 3 spots along the rubber band and make three holes using soldering iron, Then cut the spare plastic parts using paper knife

Step 3: Kebab Stick

Take the kebab stick and cut it to 20cm long

Step 4: Ice Cream Stick

Take the ice cream stick and mark the center and make a small hole to insert the kebab stick

Step 5: Stick the Stick

Add some super glue drops to top and bottom to tighten

Step 6:

Take two plastic straw pieces and stick one to the kebab stick using super glue

Step 7: Insert the Ball - the Hardest Part

Take the string and make a knot and insert to the center hole of the plastic ball and insert the kebab stick from the top hole. Watch the diagram to insert the stick correctly. Then stretch the string.

Step 8:

Add super glue drop to the center hole to tighten the string

Step 9:

Insert the other plastic straw part and stick it using super glue

Step 10: Plastic Ring

Take a plastic bottle and take out the plastic bottle cap seal ring and attach the other end of the string and put some super glue

Step 11: Let's Color the Stick

Step 12: Let's Test the Fan

Roll the string to the kebab stick and pull the plastic ring, then push it to the center. Now you have the working toy fan

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