Introduction: DIY Trailing Edge Dimmer

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In this project we will have a closer look at the electrical challenges AC LED light bulbs offer when it comes to dimming them. That means I will tell you a bit about how they are built and we will also determine the differences between leading edge and trailing edge dimmers. At the end I will then show you how to create a DIY trailing edge dimmer that you can even build at home for cheap. Let's get started!

Step 1: Watch the Video!

The video gives you all information you need to create your own DIY trailing edge dimmer. During the next steps though I will present you some additional information.

Step 2: Order Your PCBs/Components!

Here you can find the links to my EasyEDA files, where you can export the gerber files and thus order the PCBs:

Here you can find a parts list with example seller (affiliate links):


1 x ATtiny85:

1x HI-Link 12V Power Supply:

1x 1206 Resistor kit:

1x 1206 Capacitor kit:


1 x ATtiny85:

1x HI-Link 12V Power Supply:

1x 1206 Resistor kit:

1x 1206 Capacitor kit:

The rest of the components you can find in the schematic for the project. Feel free to order them from your favourite electronics supplier.

Step 3: Solder All the Components!

Now all you have to do is to solder all the components in place on the PCB. At this point the FL5150 circuit is done. But for the ATtiny dimmer you will need to follow the next step.

Step 4: Upload the Code!

Here you can find the code that I created for the ATtiny85. Upload it with your favourite ISP programmer.

Step 5: Success!

You did it! You just created your own DIY AC Trailing Edge Dimmer!

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