DIY- Transformable Shelf




Introduction: DIY- Transformable Shelf

Here, we are going to create seveal units and later connect them to the way you want it to form and place. 

Step 1: Choose Material

Here are the materials needed:

Applied wood
Cutting machine specifically for wood
Holding clamp
Glue gun
Sand paper
Rubber cement

Step 2: Start Cutting and Pasting

Now use cutting machine to cut the applied wood in measurement.

For example...
one unit: two pieces in 3"x 2" and one in 3"x 5" 
another unit: two pieces in 3"x 4" and one in 3"x 5"

It is all depends on how you want it to be!!

Step 3: Clean Up

After pasting them together, measure the area you want to cut off and use the machine to take the parts out. Basically, I am cutting a line strip out of the applied wood.

Here are the samples of how it look like.

Step 4: Clean Up

Later use sand paper to clean the edges and apply rubber cement onto the edges to prevent it from hurting.

Step 5: Final Composition

From all these units, you can now form it to whatever way you want. You can pile it up like a shelf or simply make them to be dividers.

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    How do you fasten these together? Are they just sitting loose? It would be nice to have some sort of system to hook them together that could be taken loose to reconfigure the shelves when you wanted. Good project.