Introduction: DIY- Transformable Shelf

Here, we are going to create seveal units and later connect them to the way you want it to form and place. 

Step 1: Choose Material

Here are the materials needed:

Applied wood
Cutting machine specifically for wood
Holding clamp
Glue gun
Sand paper
Rubber cement

Step 2: Start Cutting and Pasting

Now use cutting machine to cut the applied wood in measurement.

For example...
one unit: two pieces in 3"x 2" and one in 3"x 5" 
another unit: two pieces in 3"x 4" and one in 3"x 5"

It is all depends on how you want it to be!!

Step 3: Clean Up

After pasting them together, measure the area you want to cut off and use the machine to take the parts out. Basically, I am cutting a line strip out of the applied wood.

Here are the samples of how it look like.

Step 4: Clean Up

Later use sand paper to clean the edges and apply rubber cement onto the edges to prevent it from hurting.

Step 5: Final Composition

From all these units, you can now form it to whatever way you want. You can pile it up like a shelf or simply make them to be dividers.