Introduction: DIY Tree Climbing Sticks for Hunting

After looking for a cheap set of climbing sticks, I decided that i could make some for much cheaper than the $50+ sticks available in retail stores. These sticks are easy to make with minimal tools and materials. Once they are complete use a ratchet strap or amsteel rope to secure it to a tree.

Step 1: Gather Tools and Materials

Recommended Tools

· ½ Drill Bit

· ¼ Drill Bit

· Marker

· Tape Measure

· Drill

· Vice

· 2 Adjustable Wrenches

· Sawzall

Material List

· 1 - 2’x1” square 6160 aluminum tubing

· 5– ¼” lock nuts

· 4 – ¼”x1 ½” bolts

· 2 – ¼” washers

· 1 – ¼”x3” bolt

· 3 – ½”x6” bolts

· 3 – ½” nuts

· 3 – ½” lock washers

· 1 - 3”x3” PVC Pipe (cut in half)

Step 2: Drill Side a Holes

On Side A - Drill three ½” holes all the way through the square tubing. Drill one hole centered and the other two 1” from each end. Drill one ¼” hole 1” above the center 1/2” hole.

Step 3: Drill Side B Holes

On Side B - Drill two holes centered between the ½” holes

on the top and bottom.

Step 4: Cut PVC

Cut 3” pvc long ways making two half circle pieces.

Step 5: Drill PVC Pipe Holes

Drill ¼” holes into the pvc to match the holes drilled in step three.

Step 6: Connect PVC Pipe to Tubing

Connect the pvc pieces to the aluminum tubing using the 1 ½” bolts and lock nuts.

Step 7: Connect 3" Bolt

Put the 3” bolt through the hole drilled in step two. Tighten the lock nut half way down the threads with washers on both sides.

Step 8: Place Carriage Bolts

Put carriage bolts through the ½” holes alternating the direction that they are being put in.

Step 9: Tighten Down Carriage Bolts

Tighten the nuts down all the way down the bolt against the tubing with the lock washers wedged in-between the nut and tubing.