Introduction: DIY Tricky Triangle

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I have seen this game at cracker barrel and in stores, but I have never managed to get my hands on one of these sets.
I looked at them closely and saw that it was only a block of wood and some golf tee's and I knew it couldnt be that hard to make so I decided to make one.

Step 1: What You Need

- A block of wood
- A saw or hack saw
- 15 golf tee's
- A pencil
- A ruler
- A drill w/ drill bits
- 100 grit sandpaper
(optional)- wood stain and polish
             - A clamp or bench vice

Step 2: Marking the Wood

Take you ruler and mark the half way point of the woods width
then fully extend that line and draw two symmetrical lines coming from the middle line to the corners

Step 3: Cutting the Wood

Now take your saw and cut along one of the lines fully so you don't waste as much wood, then when its fully cut off then you can cut across the other line

Note: I highly suggest you clamp the wood to a sturdy table as you cut

Step 4: Marking and Drilling the Holes

you are going to want to mark the holes in pencil in case you mess up and you need to erase
mark spots for 15 holes on the wood so make sure they are evenly spaced
Once you have all the holes marked I used a 9/64'' drill bit but that might not be the same size as your tee's so you might need to guess and check start small and get a bigger drill bit if you need to because you can always take more off but you cant put it back on

once you drill all the holes put in the golf tee's to see what holes you need to adjust

Step 5: Sanding It Down

Take your sand paper and sand down all the the faces and corners to give it a smooth look

If you want you can add wood stain and polish to make it look nicer

Step 6: Finished

The way you play this game is you remove one tee and you jump the other tee's you try to get them all out except for one. when you jump the tees remove the tee you jumped

also the left over wood I had works great as a door stop

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