Introduction: DIY - Tulsi Manch

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Tulsi or Tulasi (Ocimum tenuiflorum) or the Holy Basil is the “queen of herbs” and is a sacred plant in Hindu belief. The leaves of the Tulsi plant are important in worship. Hindus worship it in the morning and evening. The presence of Tulsi plant symbolizes the religious bent of a Hindu family. A Hindu household is considered incomplete if it doesn't have a Tulsi plant in the courtyard.

Many families have the Tulsi planted in a specially built structure called "Tulsi Manch", which has images of deities installed on all four sides, and an alcove for a small earthen oil lamp. So, today I am going to spend few hours to make this "Tulsi Manch" from free pallet woods.

Step 1: Hardware Requirement

For this simple DIY project we need:

  • Pallet wood
  • Hammer
  • Chisel
  • Knife
  • Nails
  • Measuring Tape
  • Protective equipments like Gloves, Glasses, and Face Mask
  • Pencil
  • Hand Saw
  • and Paint of your choice

Step 2: Dismantling Pallet

Lets start by dismantling a pallet.

I am going to use two hammers to dismantle the pallet and collect all the wood I need for this project. My aim is to reuse all the nails used in building this pallet. So, I am going to save them and keep them aside.

Step 3: The Plan

I am going to complete this project in 5 stages.

In stage one, I am going to cut and assemble the 3 identical sides that will be used for the two sides and the back of the unit. Then I will assemble the front bit, which will have the alcove in it for the earthen oil lamp. Next, I will cut and assemble the top and the bottom section of the manch. After that, I will cut and attach the top wings to the top of the unit, and finally I will finish the project by polishing and painting the unit.

Step 4: Wood Cutting

Using the hand saw and with proper measurements in mind, I am going to cut all the wood that is required for building this project.

Step 5: Assembling the Sides and Front

After spending almost an hour, I have all the pieces ready in-front of me. So, lets first start by assembling the 3 identical sides.

Once the sides are ready, I will put together the front bit which will have the alcove for the earthen oil lamp. Alright, so now we have all the 4 sides ready in-front of me its time to join them all together.

Step 6: Assembling the Top and Bottom

So, this is how it looks like after joining all the 4 sides.

Now, its time for me to measure and cut the wooden planks required for creating the top and bottom sections of the unit. I am cutting the edges in a 45 degree angle to give the unit a nicer look.

Step 7: Sanding

After joining the top and the bottom section I am going to sand the unit to give it a smoother look. Painting becomes so easy when the wooden surface is properly sanded.

Step 8: Assembling the Top Wings

Now the final bit.

Lets measure the top section properly to find out how many wings are required for the top bit. Once we have the proper measurement we just need to cut them out of the pallets and attach them to the unit. I will also be installing few blocks of wood around the alcove to give it a nicer look.

Step 9: Painting

Look at that, the project is almost complete. Now, its time for me to apply the wood-primer and leave it overnight to dry properly.

Step 10:

You know what, I was excited to complete this project, that I applied the brown paint early in the morning and forgot to record it. Anyways, now that I have the box completely painted, its time for me to show my artistic skills on it. I would sincerely like to thank my mom for teaching me drawing and painting when I was a young boy, because of you I am who I am today. To the world you might be just one person, but to me you are the world.

Thank you for everything dad and mom.

Step 11:

I have about 100 pallets laying around and have more time than money to bring my house to life! So, this project took me two days and a lot of my free time, but I hope you will enjoy the final product. Do let me know how you think its is by dropping a like and a comment below.

Step 12: Thanks

Thanks again for watching this video. I hope it helps you.

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