Turn Empty Bottles Into Romantic Garden Lights




Introduction: Turn Empty Bottles Into Romantic Garden Lights

For a long time I've been dreaming of a beautiful garden lanterns with colored light bulbs. But the only available on the market are not even closer. They are bare LED lights with sharp and unnnatural light. Nothing can be compared to the beauty and romance of colored bulbs with soft light, throwing splashes of color and shadows on the trees and grass. I decided to make my own. However the bare bulbs without lanterns would be soon damaged by the rain. So I started looking around and here is what I found:

Step 1:

Walking one day on the street I saw a pile of butternilk bottles in the garbage can. This was the lamp I need! I grabbed them all and run to the hardware store to buy some sockets and wire...

Step 2: Drilling the Caps

With this tool I drilled the blue bottle caps. I do not know how you call it, size is 22mm (7/8) and it can be purchased from any hardware store. I guess same result cane be achieved with heated pipe of the same diameter.

Step 3: Making the Socket

I pushed the blue caps onto the sockets and screwed the second part of the socket over the blue cap. This way it stays firm. On the top I inserted transparent 6mm hose and filled it with silicone to prevent water from entering the socket.

Step 4: Put Together the Lanterns

Here's how I cut the empty bottles and finished the lanterns with socket and color bulbs. The bulbs are 15W / 220V

On the side I drilled ventilation holes

Step 5: Testing the Lanterns in the Evening

Step 6: The Garden Lights in the Winter Time

Step 7: Video of Them

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Very creative and effective! These garden lights are just perfect for a garden that needs more romantic ambience. Adding accessories, such as sculptures or wishing wells, can enhance the effect created by the lights. Maybe you can find more ideas here and make your first steps in romantic gardening http://glipho.com/diana-newman/first-steps-in-romantic-gardening


    8 years ago on Introduction

    What a lovely Instructable! My son and college-age grandson share a house and often have friends over for BBQ when the weather is right. This year, they strung plain LED Christmas lights on wire from the house to the shed which lit up the area but was pretty ugly. I'm going to pass this Instructable on to them...don't know where we'll find buttermilk bottles, but I'm pretty sure there are other bottles out there...maybe even ones who will look a little more masculine for the guys'



    8 years ago

    Very cool!!


    8 years ago on Introduction

    They indeed are. In fact you cannot see it on the pictures, but the feeling is great - the light is very soft and soothing.