Introduction: DIY Turntable

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Stationary showpieces? Too mainstream!
Stationary art? Where's the fun in that!

How about adding some movement? Behold the terrific turntable, a rotating instrument that is both fascinating and useful at the same time! You can use it to make cool patterns, paint objects, and even display different showpieces.

Sounds interesting? How about making one right now? Dive right in to make your own DIY turntable whose speed and direction can be easily controlled using evive's potentiometer and slide switch.

Ready. Set. Turn!

Step 1: Things You'll Need

  • evive
  • 1 Acrylic Plate
  • 1 Dual Shaft BO Motor
  • 1 BO Wheel
  • 1 Thick Cardboard
  • 1 Glue Gun and Glue Sticks
  • 4 30 mm M3
  • 4 M3 bolts of 8mm Length
  • Cable Ties
  • Binding Clips or Paper Clips

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Step 2: Making of Cardboard and the Wheel Assembly

  • Take a cardboard and cut a circle with a diameter of approximately 15cm.
  • Gently put removable glue (like hot glue gun) on the outer perimeter of the wheel and paste the wheel on the center of the cardboard piece you have cut previously.
  • Take a piece of paper and cut into circular shape. Fix it on the cardboard using binding clips.

Step 3: Attaching DC Motor to the Chassis

Take a DC motor and place it on the base plate and fasten it using the cable tie.
Make sure that one side of the shaft goes through one of the holes on the chassis.

Step 4: Final Assembly

    • Take the wheel and the cardboard assembly and fix it on top of the motor by inserting the shaft into the wheel.
    • Mount evive on the base plate.
    • Take the two male-to-female jumper wires and connect their female ends to the pins of the first motor channel, i.e. M1. Then, take their free male ends and connect them to the two wires of the DC motor.

    Step 5: Circuit Diagram

    You just have to connect the DC Motor to evive Motor channel 1.

    Step 6: Scratch Code

    In this project, we are going to use evive menu to control motor. To upload the firmware from Scratch, you just have to use a block ‘Upload firmware’ from evive Inbuilt Function extension along with evive Program.

    Step 7: Making Beautiful Patterns

    • Switch on your evive, and as done before, from the menu select Controls.
    • Navigate all the way and select Motor 1.
    • Next, select a direction by sliding the switch upward.
    • Henceforth watch the turntable rotate gracefully by rotating the potentiometer knob and setting it at a particular value.
    • As the turntable rotates, place the pen or the sketch pen anywhere on the circular disc and watch as different, beautiful patterns unfold!

    Step 8: Conclusion

    With this, your DIY turntable is complete!

    Go ahead and make some beautiful rotating art as you let your imagination run wild!

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