Introduction: DIY Turntable Lazy Susan

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I am making diy turntable also called lazy susan for making a 360 product photography as it's good choice

It could be motorised as well if attach a motor with it ,it will become showcase as well

I have use basic items for this project if you don't understand something please watch the video and please vote for this project

Step 1: Things We Need

cpu fan

8 x 8 round cutted mdf one side white lamination

speaker magnet

7x7 wooden board

4x 1.5'' screws

cotton thread

Step 2:

Place the fan in center of the board and tight it with screws

put hot glue over the fan and place a magnet over it and then same with the mdf board

Place a hot glue in bottom side of the mdf piece and place a one side of thread in that ,rotate the wheel and roll the thread over a magnet ,place any product over it and slowly pull the thread it will also rotate the product as well.

please watch the video and vote for this project

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