DIY Turquoise Spike Necklace




Introduction: DIY Turquoise Spike Necklace

Make your own statement necklace using turquoise dagger beads here. From my blog,

1. Use a strand of turquoise dagger beads.
2. Arrange beads into triangles, from shortest to longest and back to shortest.
3. Slide beads onto an eye pin. Loop the end of the pin closed.
4. Make five of these triangle sections.
5. Link sections together with jump rings.
6. Add chain and a clasp to the end sections. You're done!

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    omg "thanks, i made it" - i love saying that hahahah
    lovely piece, well done :)

    I love the way you strung the beads. I especially like how you separated them on eye pins so they are just right next to each other. Very cute.