Introduction: DIY Tutorial - How to Made Two-Way Wearing Bracelet of Ripple Sterling Silver

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Tools and Materials:
  • Sterling silver
  • Marker Pen
  • water
  • hammer
  • Scissors
  • Lighter

Step 1: Design and Measuring

First, we use cotton thread to measure the required length of the silver piece. According to the length we measured, we will trim a section of the silver.

Step 2: Bend Folding

With the trimmed silver piece, we will bend and fold its head to the tail.

Step 3: Heating and Cooling Off

Heat up the silver piece to soften it and place it into cold water to cool it down. We will use it latter.

Step 4: Shaping

Fix the shape of the silver with tools like tweezers and so on, as the image shows.

Step 5: Flattened Stretch

Now we will place the shaped silver into the pressing table machine. We will flatten and lengthen the silver so as to keep the shape of it.

Step 6: Trim and Polished

Use scissors to trim off the unnecessary parts of the silver and remember to polish the incision of it to be smooth.

Step 7: Welding & Modeling

Use tools to hold the two ends of the silver and make them paralleled together. Add welding powder between the two ends and heat them up to weld them together, as the image shows.

Step 8: Cool Off

The heated silver will be cooled down by cold water.

Step 9: Once Again Welding and Modeling

The cooled down silver will be held up with tools again. Now we will continue to weld up the silver piece so the silver will turn from single line to double lines.

Step 10: Cool Off

The heated silver will be cooled down by cold water. It will be used in the next few steps.

Step 11: Polished

The welded silver will be polished by tools and cleaned off its black dirt.

Step 12: Modeling

Through hammering, twitching and bending, we will make the silver to achieve the embryonic form of a bracelet.

Step 13: Making Decorative Buttons

In this design of ours, the other end of the bracelet has a whirlpool-shape button. Now in this step we will make this button. According to the size of the bracelet, we will trim and get a round piece of silver. Polish it and save it for the next step.

Step 14: Percussion Into Texture

Use texture hammer of water ripple to make textures on the surface of the round silver piece. Now it is time to use the mold. With this mold, we will make the round silver into a shape of sunken. Next, we trim a hole on the surface of the round silver and make it into the shape of a whirlpool.

Step 15: Burning Silver Beads, Assembling Whirlpool Buttons

Heat up the silver completely and it will achieve silver- pearl naturally. Weld the silver-pearl to the center of the whirlpool.

Step 16: Welded on a Bracelet

Weld the whirlpool button to the bracelet and cool it down.

Step 17: Percussion Into Texture

The welded bracelet will be placed into the mold. Now we will hammer the bracelet with a soft hammer to make it round. Next, hammer it with a ripple texture hammer to achieve texture on its surface. The bracelet will obtain different ripples naturally.

Step 18: Cleaning and Polishing

Place the bracelet into the polishing machine to clean and polish it well. The original charming color of the silver will show up.

Step 19: Complete!

It's a DIY Tutorial for Making Two-Way Wearing Bracelet Of Ripple Sterling Silver! Hope you will like it!
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