Introduction: DIY Tutorial - How to Make Rubber Hose Resin Colored Earrings With Gold Foil

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Step 1: Mold Making

Pick 6 sections of rubber-hose of same size and cut them off from the center with scissors(as the image shows)Then use wooden plugs to plug up the two ends of the rubber-hose.

Step 2: Fill in Gold Foil

Use tweezers to pick up the gold foil and stick them to the rubber-hose’s inner surface. Then we will use tweezers to disperse the gold foil to make them seen more naturally. Silver foil and rose-gold foil will be processed the same way. Now we will see that the 6 rubber-hoses have the 3 kinds of foil.

Step 3: Fixing

Due to the softness of the rubber-hose and its ability of moving, we will use clips to fix up the two ends of the rubber-hose so as to keep it stable and fixed to the desktop. Next we will place some heavy stuff onto the clips to seal them.

Step 4: Modulation of the AB Glue

The proportion of the A glue and B glue is 3:1 and we shall use 2 separated cups to load the A glue and B glue separately according to the proportion. Mix up the 2 glues and stir it adequately to mix up well. Wait 20 minutes for the bubbles to be away.

Step 5: Coloring

The glue will be separated into several shares of different component and be placed into another mold. Add different colors into the glue and mix up the colors with droppers.

Step 6: Glue Filling

Use different droppers to get the colored glue and fill them into the rubber-hose. Different colors could be mixed and achieve the effect of color changing. Wait 12 hours for the glue to dry up.

Step 7: Mold Unloading

The dried glue will be easy to get off from the molds. Now we will have to take away the clips of the 2 ends and take the coagulated glue off the mold.

Step 8: Polishing

Use scissors to trim the glue and take off the wooden plug. Polish the incision and clean the surface of the glue with a small knife.

Step 9: Earrings Knotting and Making

The ear wire will be going through the single circle and buckle up the glue. Then we will knot the ear wire to finish the process.

Step 10: Complete!

DIY Tutorial - How to Make Rubber Hose Resin Colored Earrings With Gold Foil

In this tutorial:

1.We make a resin mold with rubber hose

2.Modulate the color of the resin glue

3.Use this rubber hose mold to making the long strip resin

And finally, we will use the long strip resin to making a pair earrings! Hope you will like it!

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