Introduction: DIY Tutorial-How to Make a Retro Silver Earrings With Pearls!

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Tools and Materials:
  • Silver wire
  • Pearls
  • Lighter
  • Hammer
  • Welding fiux
  • Soap liquid
  • water
  • Dilute sulfuric acid solution, etc.

Step 1: Cutting

Trim 4 sections of same length with silver wire.

Step 2: Squeeze Becomes Thiner

Now we will use the table pressing machine to flatten the 4 silver wires and lengthen them.

Step 3: Hammer Hit Stripe Pattern

Use texture hammer to hammer out the textures of the silver pieces.

Step 4: Heating the Silver Wire

Heat up the 4 silver wires to soften them.

Step 5: Use the Cold Water to Cool Off It

Cool off the silver wire with cold water and be careful about the heat.

Step 6: Use the Hammer to Straighten the Bent Silver

Use a soft hammer to hammer the silver which is put on the surface of a cowhide slightly. This process will make the silver be straightened and shaped.

Step 7: Welding Modeling

Weld the silvers. Make sure to weld them with dislocation of each two. Do it as the image shows.

Step 8: Use the Cold Water to Cool Off It Again

Use cold water to cool off the silver and be aware of the heat.

Step 9: Polish the Silver

Polish the successfully welded silver piece and clean off the extra black dirt.

Step 10: Add Welding Flux, Heat It and Weld Up the Earring Stud

On the one side of the silver piece, we will weld up the ear studs.

Step 11: Making Pearls Stud, Cutting and Polish

Produce the riveted part of the silver wire according to size and height of pearl. Trim off a short section of the silver wire and polish it to be smooth.

Step 12: Add Welding Flux, Heat It and Weld Up the Pearls Stud

Add welding powder on one side of the silver piece and the riveted silver wire will be welded onto the silver.

Step 13: Place the Welded Silver Into the Dilute Sulfuric Acid Solution

The successfully welded silver piece ear studs will be put into the de oxidization solution and be soaked for a few minutes. After washing, take it out and wipe it to dry up for back up.

Step 14: Putting the Earrings Into the Sulfur Soap and Heat Them to Black

Heat up the soap solution and put the silver ear studs into the solution for a few minutes’ boiling till the ear studs are blackened.

Step 15: Using the Water to Clean and Brighten the Earrings

Use clean water to wash off the black dirt and polish the ear studs to be smooth. Now the ear studs have been shown the black and bright textures.

Step 16: Put Pearls On, Polished, Hammering

Punch a hole on the pearl and rivet the pearl onto the ear studs. Now we get the retro silver earrings with pearl.

Step 17: Complete!!

This DIY Tutorial, including how to make the retro silver earrings with pearls! Hope you will like it!
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