Introduction: DIY Tutorial-How to Make a Sterling Silver Cross Rings

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This DIY Tutorial, including how to make a Sterling Silver Cross Rings, and we will show you the sterling silver jewelry production process and process technology (including welding, cutting, grinding, polishing, etc.).
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Step 1: Ring 1: Confirm Te Size of the Ring

In this step, we use the cotton thread to measure the size of the ring

Step 2: Ring 1:Cutting

We use the wax to lubricating the cutter, and cutting the sterling silver bar.

Step 3: Ring 1: Uniform Heating, So That Sterling Silver Sticks Become Soft

Heat with a fire machine, pay attention to the flames and burns

Step 4: Ring 1: Make It Into Twisted Twist

With the pliers to make soft silver sticks twisted

Step 5: Ring 1:Cutting and Polishing

Step 6: Ring 1:Stitching and Cooling

The two ends of the ring interface splicing

With the solder powder stitching together (using the fire machine)

Then burn the black part of the grinding and polishing

Step 7: Ring 1:Beating Solid & to Oxidize Soak

Step 8: Ring 2:Making Process

Since it's a cross ring, we make the ring 1in step1~step7, and now the ring 2 in step8. In this process, including Cutting, welding, grinding, hitting solid.

Step 9: The Ring 1 and Ring 2 Are Welded

Step 10: Complete!!

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