Introduction: DIY USB Creeper Nightlight

Have you ever wondered what is in a creeper? How about making your very own creeper anatomy! Build a USB creeper that glows! Here's how you do it.

Step 1: Materials


Wood (1/2'', 1/4'', 1/4'' by 3/8'', 1/4'' by 1/4'', 1/8'' by 5/8'')

Wood Glue

Plastic Glue

An Old USB cord

One Red LED

One 180 ohm Resistor

Soldering Iron


Wire Cutters


Green Spraypaint

White Spraypaint

Band Saw

Black Paint

Masking Tape

Translucent Plastic

Red and Black Permanent Marker

A Small Electronics Switch

Step 2: Step One: Cutting the Wood

What you want to do is tape four pieces of wood together on top of each other, and then copy the left half of creeper body (picture one) onto the wood (picture two). After you cut them out, you should have four pieces of the body. You only need three for the torso, so you need to cut the head off the body. You will have one extra torso piece.

The next thing you will want to do is cut the skull. Make markings for the front of the skull (picture 3). Cut it out and then carve out the middle of the first two section of the skull. Keep the other two for later. After you do that, you will want to cut out the two sections surrounding the tooth on the front part of the skull ( picture 6).

The next thing you will want to cut out is the spinal assembly. Take a 1/4'' by 3/8'' length and cut it into 6 three inch lengths (picture 7, right). Next, take a 1/8'' by 5/8'' length of wood and cut it into 5 three inch sections (picture 7, left). This will make up the spinal cord.

To cut for the pieces for the jaw assembly, you will want a 1/4'' by 1/4'' length of wood. You will want to cut it into two 1/2'' sections and two 1'' sections. (picture 10 & 11)

For the skeletons legs, you will want to cut two 1/2'' by 1'' pieces for the feet. For the leg part, you will want 2 3/8'' long 1/4'' by 1/4'' pieces (picture 15, bottom), and two 1/2'' long 1/4'' by 1/4'' pieces (picture 15, top), each with a 45 degree angle.

For the base for the TNT, take a 1/4'' slab of wood and cut it into a 7/8'' by 1.5'' rectangle.

The only other cuts you have to make are cutting off one of the foot on one of the torso pieces (picture 9) and carving out the eye in the front of the skull (picture 16) to give depth.

Congratulations! You have finished the hardest step!

WARNING: Saws and other equipment like that can SERIOUSLY harm you! If you do not know how to use a saw, get help using it, or you could possibly hurt yourself!

Step 3: Step 2: Sanding and Gluing

Sand all your pieces thoroughly and round the edges slightly.

Now for the gluing!

Take two of the whole torsos and the one you cut the foot off of and glue them together (picture 1). After you do that, glue the four head pieces together.

Next, you will want to glue the skull together.

When you get to the spinal cord, take the 6 smaller pieces and the five wider pieces and glue them together (picture 3 & 4).

For the jaw assembly, take the two 1/2'' long pieces and two 1'' long pieces and glue them together (picture 5). After that has dried, glue that to the skull (picture 6)

Note: Read all instructions on your wood glue and clamp your pieces together.

Step 4: Step 3: Painting

Now to add some color!

Take your spray-paint and paint the pieces, the body green, and the skeleton white.

WARNING: Do NOT breathe in the spray paint fumes, as it contains harmful chemicals.

Step 5: Step 4: Gluing Some More...

Some pieces you should paint before you glue them, to avoid having to paint pieces while they are on different colored pieces. Before you glue your pieces, make sure to sand the area you are gluing before. The pieces you should glue after you paint are the head to body (picture 1), skeleton leg base (picture 2), legs (pictures 3 & 4), the skull to the head (picture 5), and the spine to the body, (picture 6).

Step 6: Step 5: Soldering the Circuit

Time for the circuit!

Take an old USB cord and cut off the charging end (picture 1). Strip the cord so that the positive and negative wires are exposed (picture 2).

Then solder the positive wire to one prong of the switch (picture 3). Solder the resistor to another prong on the switch (picture 4). Solder the positive end of the LED to the other end of the resistor (picture 5), and to complete the circuit, solder the negative end of the LED to the negative wire from the USB cord (picture 6).

Now you can plug in the USB and try out your circuit! (picture 7)

Note: If you are new to electronics, please note that the longer end of the LED is the positive end and the shorter end is the negative.

WARNING: Be safe around hot stuff such as soldering irons and don't electrocute yourself trying your new circuit!

Step 7: Step 6: the LED Cover

Take your translucent plastic and cut two 1'' by 3/4'' rectangles of plastic (for the front and back) , one 1.5'' by 1'' rectangle of plastic (side), and one 3/4'' by 1.5'' rectangle (top). (all pictured in picture 1)er

After you have cut out the pieces, you can decorate them by drawing on them with permanent marker (picture 2).

After the pieces have dried, you can glue them together with plastic glue. (picture 3,4, & 5)

After the glue has dried, you should cut out a section in the back of the TNT to fit the USB cable and switch.

Step 8: Step 8: Finishing It Up

Time to add the finishing touches!

Tape off the mouth section on the head that you will paint black (picture 1), and paint it black (picture 2). After the paint has dried, you can remove the tape and marvel at how well you painted that! (picture 3) Repeat the same process for the eye (picture 4).

While you are waiting for the paint to dry, you can glue the circuit to the base and then glue the TNT cover over it.

Once everything has dried, you can plug it in and turn it on!

Good job! You now have a creeper anatomy lamp of you own!

WARNING: When attaching circuit, make sure that none of the wires touch, or else you could cause a short circuit, which could, possibly, start a fire, which would burn your nice creation to a crisp!

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