Introduction: DIY USB Digital Camera Battery Charger

Hello Everyone

This project started as i bought pre owned SAMSUNG digital camera. which came with nothinging but 4GB memory card. though i was trying to hold on for the battery charger or its data and chargin cable but it supposed to take 3-6 working days.. and the good news was batrry juice was finished so i was unsured that my camera still turn on or no....

than in next few steps i made my own usb battery charger.

Step 1: Parts and Recycling

i had the memory card storage box from a long time.. and after checking my camera battery size it was the best fit for it.

main things i need for
1- memry card storage box.
2- usb cable with plug on one end.

idea was very simple find ou the positive and negative of the battey and usb and attached it togather....
But had 2 issues. How to know which wire of usb is positive and negative and same for the battery.. Than luckyli battery got its configuration on it saying the +ve and -Ve pins.

Step 2: Inserting Wire Into Memorycard Box

than i made a hole in the back of memory card holder. and pass through the wire to inner side.
got a cable tie or wire and strip off and hot glue it that it wont change the position...

now how do i find the +ve and -ve of the usb. for that purpose u guyz can use ur multimeter. but i had a laptop fan i attached the fan in the to check the pins of the usb power pins. red wire on fan  was positive black negative. after sorting out this matter i put the hot glue... and fixed the connection and link

Step 3:

Step 4: End

     in this step make sure that u ready for the probably. if some one thinks that thrc bd chalo jiii phir oo yea,..

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