Introduction: DIY!! USB Led Flash Stick

In the following tutorial we are going to make a USB flash stick out of a old USB cable.

Step 1: Watch the Video

Step 2: Things Needed

The things you are going to need are as the following

1.USB cable


3.small peace of solid wire

4.Masking tape

5.Hot glue

6.USB port(laptop or power bank)

Step 3: Preparing the USB Cable

cut the USB cable from the center and that will be containing this following wires

1.If the cable is having two wires then the black will be negative and the other one will be positive

2.If the cable is containing four wires then there will be two additional wires Data+ and Data- which we are not going to use and so cut them off and use the rest of two wires

Step 4: Adding the LED's

Now we can add led to the following USB cable.

In the led the longer leg is the positive and the shorter leg is the negative terminal

we are going to add a 270 ohm resistor to the positive leg of led and then connect the other end of resistor to the+5v of the cable and negative terminal

Step 5: LED's Outfit

you can use anything to the LED's outfit but i am using something which is shown in the pictures above

use some hot glue to secure everything in the right place and yes you are ready with your USB led flash light


Thanks for the support

you can visit my you tube channel through the link below and get all the electronics projects

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