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Introduction: DIY USB Speaker

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I made this zero cost speaker as one of my vacation time passes.

It gives a clear output as it uses a 8002 class d amplifier ic.

I collected all the things needed from trash and scrap centers near me.

Things needed:

  • A small piece of paper pulp hard board.
  • A small piece of copper clad board.
  • A 2 inch speaker.
  • 8002 Amp ic.
  • USB cable.
  • 3.5 mm AUX cable.
  • Some other discrete components and pieces of wire.

Step 1: Make the Box

For making the box

  • Cut the hard board as per the dimension .
  • Glue it together using some wood glues and also apply some hot glue for a support.
  • Use files for finishing work.

Step 2: Make the Circuit

The circuit is based on a 8 pin class D amplifier ic called 8002. I got this from one of my old chinese speakers. And i traced its circuit diagram.

  • Make the circuit diagram.
  • Make a layout diagram as per the circuit diagram.
  • Prepare a small piece of copper clad board.
  • copy the layout to the board using permanent marker.
  • Etch it using etching solution and prepare the complete pcb.
  • Collect the components.
  • Solder the components.

Step 3: Do the Wirings

Here we have two wires out of the speaker, the input jack (5mm) and the usb for 5 v dc supply.

We have to take those wires through the back side of the box and fix its inside tightly as shown in the pictures.

Solder the wires in place.

Attach the speaker and solder the speaker wires.

Step 4: Finishing It

Fix the pcb inside the box using hot glue and close ,fix the box tightly using wood glue.

Do some final finishing works using a file.

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    Tip 1 year ago on Step 3

    We can even use a rechargeable battery with a little addition of a charging port. That'd make it even easier to use via a smartphone.