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Introduction: DIY Ugly Christmas Sweater Dress | Christmas Ideas

Christmas is less than a month away!! Are you ready for your upcoming Ugly Christmas Sweater party?

Check out the full tutorial on my youtube channel if you want some inspiration for your DIY sweater :)

Step 1: Use Garland to Create Your Christmas Tree Shape

Ok let's start, first thing I did was grab the garland and my handy glue to create the Christmas tree on the sweater dress.

Step 2: Decorate the Sweater With Christmas Decor

No need to buy additional supplies, be creative and look at what Christmas decor you have around the house and glue it onto the sweater.

Step 3: Add Some Lights!

You can't have a Christmas sweater without splashing on some lights! I found these from the dollar store and best of all they are battery operated!

Step 4: All Done!

And that's it, rock on at your party with the cutest ugly sweater you can create :)

Don't forget to check out my full tutorial here and please subscribe to watch more christmas videos :)

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