Introduction: DIY Ultrasonic Humidifier Night Lamp

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This is relatively easy to make project serves as ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser a night lamp and a Humidifier all three in one gadget. Just needs handful of ordinary parts readily available so I hope all of you will be getting tempted in making one.

Step 1: Things You Will Need to Make This Project

The things that are needed to make this project are relatively inexpensive and readily available. So I have listed all as below

1) Any empty container translucent if you want to make a night lamp along with this. You can customize it by 3D printing with translucent material. Minimum height of about 90 to 100 mm.

2) Ultrasonic transducer unit

3) Two power supplies one 12v 1A for LED strip and other old Laptop power brick for the ultrasonic transducer.

4) Sticky tape to stick the ultrasonic transducer at the bottom of the lamp or container.

5) Some miscellaneous wires and two pin plug or whatever that works for your country standards.

Step 2: Make Some Holes in Container

Make some holes in the container top lid center. Also, make a hole on the side near to the bottom of the container to pull out our ultrasonic transducer supply cable. Make sure that the hole is not too small or too big that there is a water leakage once the rubber water stopper is fixed from inside of the container from the center of which the wire is coming out. Also, make a small notch on top of the container in the same line with bottom wireline from where our LED strip wire will come out. Watch the video if you are having difficulty in understanding.

Step 3: Making Circular Rings From Reflective White Tape

I cut 8mm white reflective tape which is self-adhesive. Then starting from bottom I started sticking them in circular rings on the periphery of the lamp body to give it a little bit of flare and decor.

Step 4: Finished Lamp Diffuser Body

After about one and a half hour of careful work, the final result was pretty much satisfying.

Step 5: Adding Electronics

I then passed the ultrasonic transducer supply cable from the inside of the container and plugged the rubber grommet supplied with it to stop the water leakage. Also stuck the transducer with two-way industrial grade sticky tape at the base of the container so that it does not wiggle around and stay centered.

Step 6: Adding LED Strip to the Container Top Inner Side

I then added a led strip as the strip is self-sticking just applied it on the inner side of the container lid. Secured it with some hot glue. Took out the wires from above notch we made earlier in the container.

Step 7: Finalizing Wiring and Supply

Two supplies we are using one for the LED strip and other for the ultrasonic transducer. The LED strip wires were bought down in one line aligned to the ultrasonic transducer line and there form both were merged into one line. Then at the end, respective power supplies were tied. I switched on and the result was awesome.