Introduction: DIY Up-cycled Wood End Table

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You like me and don't like spending hundreds of dollars on furniture accessories? Well, I found this amazing end table/ night stand at a local thrift store for a great price ($20)!  I rehabbed it by adding a brand new solid black paint job, with new chrome knobs added and a custom quarter inch glass top.

                                                         (( ALSO SEE VISUAL AND LITERAL INSTRUCTIONS HERE...))


Step #1.  First things first, it's important to unscrew the drawers knobs.

Step #2.  Take some electrical tape and cover the drilled knob holes from inside of the drawer. This is to prevent paint from spraying inside the drawers when your painting.

Step #3.  Dust and clean the end table from top to bottom. I prefer alcohol because it evaporates fast and it works great ( just be sure that whatever you use is not oil   based ). There maybe some scraping or sanding necessary, depending on the condition of the wood.

Step #4.  After you allow the wood to completely dry, make sure you will be painting outside or in a place that is well ventilated.

Step #5.  Take your tarp and lay it flat from end to end and be sure you have small to medium sized rocks to anchor it down so that the wind wont move it around.

Step #6.  Take your aerosol can and shake very well. After shaking consistently for about 1 whole minute, take your paint gun and attach it to the well shaken aerosol paint can and your ready to begin spray painting your end table!!!!

Step #7.  Put on your safety face mask to prevent inhalation of paint fumes during the spray painting process. Leaving the drawer intact, place your end table on the center of the tarp. Stand at least 2-3 feet from the end table and begin spraying it with a graceful left to right/ right to left arm movement. This allows for an even spray with little to no dripping on the end table. Continue this spraying technique from beginning to the end of the spray painting process.  After the initial coat, allow some time from drying and spray an additional coat or more ( as your prefer).

Step #8.  Once your done spray painting your end table, allow it to dry and cure. I suggest at least a 24 hour period for this process

Step #9.  Once the paint has finally dried, take your furniture polish and towel to wipe the painted areas of the end table. Doing this will clean off the top coat residue left over from the spraying process. When your finished wiping down the end table, you should be able to go over it with your finger and have no paint residue showing  up on that finger. Now the major labor portion is complete!!

Step #10.  Take electrical tape off the inside of the drawer and attach your new knob hardware.

Step #11.  I always like the aesthetic look of a glass top on my DIY tables. If you opt to top your end table with  glass, be sure to take length x width measurements and contract a local glass cutter with those extact dimensions. Once you finally get your custom glass top, lay it on top of your end table to make sure it's an exact fit.

Step #12.  Unwrap your custom glass and clean it with window cleaner front and back.

Step #13.  Place your custom glass on top of your end table and it's ready to add a new element of decor to your living or bed room.