Introduction: DIY Upcycled Patchwork Shirt

Hi everyone! I am a first-year fashion design major at the Parsons School for Design. I am currently enrolled in a sustainable systems class in which we had to prepare a DIY object tutorial made from a readily available waste stream. Inspired by a project I did at my high school, Design and Architecture Senior High, I went around to dry cleaners in my town of Cold Spring, NY and asked for dry cleaned men's shirts that had never been picked up. For this project, I recommend going to your local dry cleaners, thrift store, or raiding a closet to gather your shirts. Happy making!


In addition to the dress shirts, you will need a sewing machine, fabric scissors, and pins.

Step 1: Cut and Rearrange the Dress Shirts

Step 2: Attach Back Panel and Yoke

Step 3: Attach Pocket

Step 4: Attach Cuffs to Sleeves

Step 5: Attach Shoulders

Step 6: Attach Sleeves to Shirt Panels

Step 7: Close Shirt and Sleeve Sides

Step 8: Hem the Bottom of the Shirt

Step 9: Enjoy Your Finished Patchwork Shirt!

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