Introduction: DIY Upcycled Superman Necklace Using a Soda Can

About: Hi! I'm an Austrian small Youtuber living in the UK. I love upcycling trash into treasures, especially creating small things like jewelry and gems. Fandom related crafts are a lot of fun for me as well.

I think DIYs are all about using what you already have and turning them into something amazing.

In this instructable, I show you how I made a Superman necklace using stuff that you might already have at home! The "star" of this craft is a soda can that turns into the Superman logo.

You can use this technique in many ways - make a keychain, choose a different motive, different colours.. It's up to you! And did I mention it is eco-friendly? ;)

P.S.: There is a video if you don't want to read all the steps :)

Step 1: What You Will Need:

Main Supplies:

* soda can (with a red part for the classic look; but use any colour you want!)

* scissors (don't use your mum's best ones, they might get a little dull)

* nail scissors are handy

* leather (I took mine from old bags; you can paint it in any colour)

* superglue (because it has superpowers)

* map tack

* necklace chain and jump ring

Optional Supplies:

* blue marker (I used it to colour the leather)

* clear nail polish / spray paint (to seal everything)

* wire or paperclip (to make a jump ring if you don't have one)

Step 2: Create a Sheet of Aluminium

To cut out a sheet of aluminium that you can use for crafting, carefully stab the can with scissors (I like to use nail scissors) and use the created hole to cut off the bottom of the can. Then cut through the can vertically and cut off the top as well. You should end up with a rectangular sheet of aluminium.

Please don't hurt yourself! The rough edges of the can are very sharp.

Step 3: Cut Out a Diamond Shape

Now you can cut out a red piece of your can in the size that you want your pendant to have. Using a reference of the Superman logo, cut out a shape that looks like a diamond.

Step 4: Scratch the Metal Piece

In order to create beautiful and detailed silver lines on the red piece, take a needle (for example a map tack) and "draw" with it on the aluminium. This will scratch off the red paint and the silver of the aluminium will show!

Use a reference again to scratch the outlines of the Superman logo. It is like drawing with a very thin pen and without an eraser - so it might not come out perfect, but it will be very unique! Maybe you can practice on a scrap piece of aluminium first.

Step 5: Create a Leather Base

The metal piece alone is not really sturdy and a bit sharp, so we are making a base out of leather to support it.

Take two leather pieces and glue them together with superglue. Then cut another diamond shape out of the leather that is a bit bigger than the metal piece.

(Don't glue the metal and leather pieces together yet!)

Step 6: Colour and Seal the Leather

If the leather doesn't have the colour of your choice, which is in my case blue, you can paint it with a marker and seal it with clear spray paint or nail polish (on both sides).

Step 7: Make a Hole for the Jump Ring

Before glueing the pieces together, I recommend to make holes separately in the metal and in the leather piece. The reason for this is that the aluminium is not very strong and would bend on the soft leather.

Also, I suggest to work on a stack of newspaper (because a needle can pierce through but it's not too soft). Take the can piece and decide where you want the hole to be, then pierce through it with a map tack. If the hole is not big enough, put a thinner needle through and wiggle it around.

Put the piece onto the leather base and mark where the hole is. Then pierce through the leather as well and wiggle the map tack around in order to make the hole bigger.

Step 8: Glue and Assemble!

Now we're almost done! Just glue the pieces together with superglue, insert a jump ring and attach a necklace chain.

And ta-da! You have yourself an upcycled Superman necklace!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and got some inspiration for your own pojects :)