Introduction: DIY Usb Custom Flash Drive

I like special usb flash drives . Because everybody uses Classic white toshiba trans memory , classic kingston models , sandisk cruzer blade ETC.

What if we recycle Nand Chips from old broken tablets , sd cards , media players ?

Lets do it . Lets make a special usb pendrive .

Step 1: Part List

Usb Drive controller board . i will use this one , enclosure is included

Nand Memory : you can easily find from aliexpress , ebay , old broken ssd drives , broken tablets , broken usb drives , broken sd cards etc. (i used samsung 2GB K9GAG08U0E from old MID branded tablet with broken screen)

Enclosure : Check these instructables

Soldering Skills .

Step 2: Desoldering NAND Drive From Broken Device

Step 3: Soldering to Usb Controller

You can use drag soldering method. i found this video from youtube

Step 4: Formatting Usb Drive - Step 1

You need special tools to first formatting nand memory.

you can easily find ump tool for your drive with googleing " "chipname" mptool " syntax . ex : "cbm2098 mptool"

Connect your usb drive to pc and open the mptool

Step 5: Formatting Usb Drive - Step 2

After disk is dedected , click to "All Start" .

Every controllers mp tool isnt same. But you can find correct options easily. They like to each other

Step 6: Test It

Connect to pc , try to copy files , read files and surface test with HD TUNE program.

if it works , you have your own usb drive now .

You can put it to enclosure or you can do your own enclosure.