Introduction: DIY VR Bike

Hi, RetroMoonFarmer here.

Super easy bike mod for those looking for a fun way to get in shape. This is a bit of a work in progress as I intend to redo the brake levers down the road. I think I'll probably end up rigging something to the nunchuck thumbstick.

I highly recommend the game Radial-G with Oculus VR for this mod, provided you have the stomach for it. It's crazy, 100% adrenaline once you get going. CAUTION: Do Not attempt Radial-G without a personal spotter.

The radial gravity causes people to lean the bike at first to counter the gravity shift. It's crazy to the point where you almost tip or fall off. It freaks people out, LOL! Seriously, go slow till you get the hang of it! You've been warned, I'm not responsible for any injuries lol.

For this mod you will need a 3D Printer, Zip Ties, The Perfect Pushup, 2 Nintendo Wiimotes, a bluetooth enabled PC, a hack saw, a bike, a VR Headset, Double sided tape, 4 screws, Gorilla Tape, a rubber band, and a bike trainer(stand). You will also need the computer programs WiiPair and GlovePIE.

Step 1: Wiimote Throttle

Should pretty much get the idea here. Print your parts and install. The goal is a pretty heavy gear reduction to slow the spin of the wiimote. I have a very generic, no-name, magnetic bike trainer. Sorry I don't remember where I got it, but any trainer should do as long as it has a counter weight to attach the hub to.

Step 2: Secure the Perfect Pushup

Cover the back of the wiimote holder with double sided tape and affix to the surface of the pushup, making sure it's centered. I used extra zipties between the trainer frame and the pushup to pinch the ties in keeping the handle centered. The top most zip tie is there to keep the whole thing from sliding down the frame. It's actually really solid this way, but any other method is also fine.

I should have given the wiimote box some relief cuts to make wiimote removal easier. However, instead of reprinting I went old school and placed a piece of floss behind it.

Step 3: Make Sure It's Centered.

Make sure the pushup and the hub are centered, install the belt.

Step 4: Front Wheel Swivel Guide

Cut a section out of the handle with a hack saw wide enough to fit the tire through. Shoot a couple screws through each side of the pushup to prevent the handle from popping out. Be careful they don't interrupt operation of the turn table, then more zipties. When choosing where on the wheel to place the push up, you want to make sure you can quickly turn the handlebars left/right while the pushup remains stationary. Once you find the sweet spot it's pretty stable.

Step 5: Steering

This wiimote handles the steering data and braking. Probably have to get creative here with the mounting as bikes can be very different. It just senses tilt and steers left/right accordingly.

Step 6: Bluetooth/GlovePIE

Using the windows bluetooth stack, grab "WiiPair" from the net to sync wiimotes to the PC.

Load this script in GlovePIE


PIE.FrameRate = 80hz
// steer right

if wiimote1.RawAccX > 1 then

key.right = true

else key.right = false

end if

// steer left

if wiimote1.RawAccX < -1 then

key.left = true

else key.left = false

end if


if (wiimote1.2 = false) then

key.down = true

else key.down = false

end if


if (wiimote1.1 = false) then

key.x = true

else key.x = false

end if

//peddle for throttle

if wiimote2.RelAccX > .25 then

key.up = true

else key.up = false

end if

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    7 years ago

    This seems awesome and like it could be alot of fun. I also would love to see videos!


    7 years ago on Introduction

    This is really interesting! Any way to share a video of what you actually see through your headset while you're riding? I'd love to see that! :)


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    I'll see what I can do in the next few days or so.

    It seriously needs a vid capturing peoples reaction on first run.

    I've had this project sitting here 90% completed for a couple of months now. I just got around to writing the glovepie script a couple of days ago, then I fired it up. I was blown away on how awesome it is. Radial-G + this, is insane. Now I'm wishing I had finished it sooner.

    I rushed the instructable as I wanted to hurry and get it out there. If I'm not mistaken retail VR bikes / trainers cost in the thousands. Where this entire kit, minus the Oculus, could be found at a garage sale.


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Very cool stuff, indeed. If you make any more additions, I'd love to see those!

    Keep up the good wok, and hey, welcome to instructables! :)