Introduction: DIY Valentines Day Lighted Shadow Box Gift

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Display how much your love grows everyday with this whimsical Valentines Day Lighted Shadow Box with LED technology. Display your love proudly and for everyone to see from items you find at a thrift or craft store for all less than twenty dollars. Frames and cases that hold everything from family heirlooms to hobby collections and crafts. Keep your treasures safe and protected. Display them so you and your family and friends can see them. Get those treasures out of the drawer or closet and enjoy.

Step 1: Materials List

  1. 12 x 12" shadow box available in multiple colors and available at Amazon
MCS 12 x 12 Scrapbook Shadow Box in Black I found mine at a local thrift store for 6.00
2. MISC. Items to display in your box: Wood Hearts, Past Valentines Day cards, Wedding or engagement photos, necklaces, signs. Any and all memorabilia to remind you of each other.
3. (OPTIONAL) If you want a lighted shadow box you will need a RGB Lighted Light Strip. I am using a 5050 Piece of light strip with a remote and power supply I already had on hand.
4. Glitter scrapbook paper (red)
5. Valentines Day Stickers

Step 2: Hardware

Glue Gun

Double Sided Tape

Drill Optional (Only needed if you are installing the RGB Light Strip)

Step 3: Gathering Your Materials

Open your shadow box and remove it from the carton, remove all packaging materials (Photo #1)

Gather all the materials you may want to put in your shadow box.

cut the Red Glitter scrapbook paper to fit inside your shadow Box ( Photo #2 )

Arrange how you would like the items for your shadow box to look ( Photo #3)

Make sure everything fits correctly, the way you want it to before you start to glue everything in place.

Take everything out of the shadow box so you can install the RGB Color Changing Strip Light ( Photo #4 )

Step 4: Installing the RGB Color Changing Strip Light With Remote (OPTIONAL)

If you do not want to light up your shadowbox you may skip this step

  • Using a drill from the back of the shadow box drill a 1/4" hole in the top or bottom of the shadow box. (photo #1)
  • Insert the RGB wiring through the hole (photo #2)
  • Install the RGB Light Strip on the inside edge using double sided tape (photot #3)
  • Ensure the RGB Lighted Strips Lights up by plugging in the power supply (photo #4)
  • After This is installed you may continue to the finishing steps of your box.

Step 5: Finishing the Valentines Day Shadow Box

    Install the red glitter scrapbook paper to fit inside the shadow box (photo #1)
    1. Using a hot glue gun (Photo #2) Attach your trinkets and photos to the red glitter scrapbook paper the way you wanted it to look from the previous step. (Photo #3)
    2. After the glue has been set make sure things fit well inside the shadow box and the hinged lid can close.
    3. Repackage the shadow box and gift wrap for Valentines Day
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