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Introduction: DIY Valentines Day Petal Bra

I’ve created a super sexy little number sure to add some spice to ANYONES Valentine’s Day (or really any time of the year!). This technique could easily translate to any other DIY Lingerie you plan on doing, and is a great way to up cycle old lingerie and bras that are past their every-day use prime!

In my version, I have used an old red bra that has been worn out (but I can bring myself to throw out!), some fabric petals from clearance from LAST year’s Valentine’s Day, and some glue.

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Step 1: Materials and Step 1

You will need:
  • An old bra (Free, I know you have one!)
  • Fabric Petals ($-cheap at Wal-Mart, Walgreens, etc.)
  • Glue of your choice. I used E-6000 because its fabric & washer friendly 
  • **Hot glue would also work, I just wanted to try this new glue to see if it held up as well!**
  • Optional: Styrofoam sphere, melon, something spherical to work on!

Step One:
Assemble all of your materials, you will want to have everything prepped and ready to use when you sit down to make this. You may want to put some paper towels or plates nearby to keep the petals on a clean surface. I recommend handling all of the petals before you start gluing, as they seem to stick to each other. Also, pull out any petals that are less than pretty, you should have plenty! I happened to have a decent sized Styrofoam ball around I didn’t get to use yet, and used that as a fake boob to fill out the bra while working on it. This helps keep the shape of the bra true to how it will fill out when it is actually on.  You could use whatever else is comparable to your size. Or just use some paper or something to try and stuff it out a little. You are creative, you’ll think of something!

Step 2: Step Two - Glue

Step Two:
Start gluing! You are going to be doing one side at a time, so pick a side and arrange it so you can see it well. Starting from the top corner, where the bra meets the strap, apply a little glue and your first petal. Then, work your way down making sure to scatter the dots of glue to create that mermaid scale ish look. Depending on the type of glue you use, you may have some wiggle room for dry time, and you may be able to put a few drops of glue down at once. Obviously with a hot glue gun you cant.

After the first few layers of petals are on, you may find it easier to flip the cup upside down for easier petal placement. ( See pic 3 )

Step 3: Step Three - Dry!

Step Three:
Dry! After you’ve worked your way through one side, you may need to let it sit. If you are using hot glue, you can proceed to the next cup. If you used the E-6000, I suggest letting it dry for a few hours or overnight. Once it is completely dried, brush your hand over the petals in various directions to see if any are loose or did not adhere. Touch up any petals as needed.

Step 4: Enjoy!

That’s it! I love how this is such a simple thing that completely changes the look of old lingerie, and turns it into something totally different!  Now pair this with some sexy undies and you should be good to go!

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    4 years ago

    this is weird i do not think you should put sexy in there other than that it is cool

    Sweet Fancy
    Sweet Fancy

    9 years ago on Introduction

    This is such an amazing idea, and so resourceful! I think I even noticed that they sell those rose petals at the dollar tree. I shared this on my facebook page because it was just too good! Here is the link if you'd like to see :)


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you so much! I TOTALLY forgot about the dollar tree! I haven't been in lately since the one near me closed! I'll have to hit it up asap! I love your link, so many good ideas!!! Are you on Pinterest? I must follow you!!