Introduction: DIY Variable Power Supply

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DIY lab bench power supply made with LM317.

Easy to bulit.

Safe no transformer.No HIGH VOLTAGE.

Step 1: Gather Every Coponents



3.3k R1

240 ohms

5k Potentiometer


3300uF,50v C1



Binding Post

DC jack

12v 1A Adapter.

Heat sink

A plastic case

Perf Board

Step 2: Placing the Components in Pref Board

Place the capacitor , resistor and LM317.

And solder all the components.

Step 3: Assembling Everything in Case

Assembly everything in the case.

Mark lines on the front of the case for holes.

Drill holes for the the Binding post, potentiometer,DC jack.

And screw the the Binding post, potentiometer,DC jack.

Step 4: The Project Is Complete.