This is a fun little way to incorporate gardening to the inside of your home, while also making it as cute as possible too!

Step 1: Gather the Materials...

To make a Windowsill Pet plant, you will need the following

♥ A plastic bottle of any kind

♥ Cardboard, newspaper or anything to protect your work space

♥ Decorating materials such as paint or colored markers

♥ Decorating utensils such as paint brushes

♥ Scissors

♥ A lighter (optional)

♥ A plant

♥ Soil

Step 2: Choose Your Pet... ♥

Now its time to decide on the animal that you want to make. This can be literally anything, from a bunny to a giraffe!

Then draw its outline onto the bottle as seen above, and cut it out.


To get rid of the sharp edges that the plastic can create, run a lighter around the rim. Be sure to avoid any ears as the plastic will bend out of shape... and you will end up with wonky ears!

Step 3: It's DECORATING Time!

Now you can decorate your pet! I used paint to cover the entire pot. I found that one coat of paint just didn't suffice, so I recommend 3+ coats to get an even coverage.

After the base of the animal is done, you can add the fine details. I added the face with textas.

Step 4: Plant Time...

Once the decorating is finished, you can add the plant!

Firstly, pierce a few small holes at the bottom so that water can get out of the pot.

Then fill it up with soil and add your chosen plant. (I chose a succulent because they don't need a lot of care and therefore have a better chance of surviving in my care ‾ ‿ ⁀ )

Step 5: ♥ Enjoy Your New Pet Plant ♥

And you are finished! This is a fun little way add dynamics to a room and is also fun to make!

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xoxo - Madie

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