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Introduction: DIY Wall Hanging Bike Rack

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While most people associate the winter with holiday decorations and indoor festivities, I associate the winter months with bikes… lots and lots of bikes. My other half is an avid cyclist, which means the winter is storage season for his racing bikes. A while back I had made a wall mounted bike rack and shared it on my channel, but the bike rack doesn’t fit our new space (or his new bike). So, I tried my hand at making a new, modern wall mounted bike rack in ONE DAY, and I personally think it turned out pretty cool!


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Miter Saw
Countersink Bit
Nail Gun
Sander & Sandpaper
Jig Saw
Router & Roundover Bit (Optional)
Tape Measure

½ x 3 x 4′ Board *
1 x 3 x 4′ Board *
1 x 8 x 4′ Board *
Wood Glue
1 ¼” Wood Screws
1 ¼” Nails
2 ½” Construction Screws (For Hanging)
¾” Wide Foam Stripping
Cup Hooks

* I used walnut for this build, but any type of lumber works!

Step 1: Cut & Laminate Bottom Panel

I started by cutting my ½ x 3 x 4′ walnut board into 10 ½” wide pieces on my miter saw (you can adjust the overall depth of this project to fit your own needs for your bike’s handlebars) and then glued them up together using wood glue and clamps to create a solid panel.

Step 2: Cut Your Box Pieces

While the panel dried, I cut my 1 x 3 x 4′ board into the following pieces with my miter saw:

(1) Front Panel @ 10 ½”

(2) Side Panels @ 11 ¼” Deep

(as with the bottom panel boards, you can adjust this measurement to fit your bike’s handlebar measurements)

I then cut my 1 x 8 x 4′ board to 10 ½” wide.

Step 3: Drill Openings for Bike

Next, I drilled “half” holes/openings in the two side pieces to hold the bike when it’s hanging. I ended up making these larger with my jig saw later. So, you can just use a jig saw for this part!

Step 4: Assemble Box

Next,I assembled my box by attaching the back panel to the side pieces with countersunk screws and wood glue. I attached the front panel using wood glue and pin nails.

Step 5: Add Bottom Panel

I then removed the bottom panel from the clamps and sanded the whole panel super flat before attaching it to the bottom of the bike rack with wood glue and pin nails.

Step 6: Roundover Your Edges (Optional)

This step is optional, but I used a roundover bit on my router to add a rounded edge to the bottom.

Step 7: Prep for Hanging

After the rack was assembled, I used my countersink bit to drill holes in the back panel for hanging it on the wall.

Step 8: Add Finish

I then sanded the rack to 320 grit before finishing it with a spray polyurethane.

Step 9: Pad & Accessorize

Last step was to add foam to the openings for the bike and add some hooks for accessories.

Step 10: Hang

I then hung my bike rack using the openings I drilled! I made sure to hang at least one of the screws into a stud and added heavy duty anchors for the others!

Step 11: Enjoy & Admire!

I am so happy with the way the new bike rack turned out! The bike fits seamlessly into our space now and even functions as a piece of art! Also, bonus points for not banging into it in the kitchen anymore…

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