Introduction: DIY Wallet From Airsoft Box

How to make a cool dirt cheap wallet from an airsoft box, or anything close.

Step 1: Materials

You need a knife, scissors, clear packaging tape, and a box.
In the pic i didnt add the scissors or tape, or knife, but you will need them.

Step 2: Cut Out Rectangles

I used a card as an outline, but you need to cut out four same-sized rectangles from differant parts of the box.

Step 3: Three More

You need to cut three more rectangles.

Step 4: Tape the First Two Peices

Next you need to take two rectangles and place them next to eachother about a quarter inch apart. You need to then take a peice of tape and te the two peices together. Flip it over and tape that side to.

Step 5: Add the Third and Fourth Peice and Tape

Youre going to do exactly like the pic and tape both sides like in step 4.

Step 6: Flod It in Half

Next youre going to fold it in half so that the sides with pictures on it are facing eachother.

Step 7: Flod Like So...

This is kinda hard to explain, but take your two end pieces and fold them back.

Step 8: Tape Some More.

okay. now tape the end thing like in the pictures.

Step 9: More Tapeing

Do like the pic says.

Step 10: Youre Done!!

You can add pockets and stuff. I recommend making this out of cards, because it is lighter and thiner.
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