Introduction: DIY Water Fountain Using Bottle

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Usually, I don't throughout the plastic bottles, I used to keep every bottle so that I can use them for crafting.

Here I got different sizes of bottles. I got an idea to make a fountain by using these bottles.

So to make the Waterfall Fountain using the Plastic Bottles the materials needed are:

  • Straws
  • Transparent
  • Bucket
  • CFL Tube
  • Glass Bucket
  • LED Light
  • 3W Submersible Pump
  • 12V Adopter
  • Bulb Holder
  • Drill
  • Hot Glue
  • Soldering Iron
  • Stones

Step 1: the Bottles

The first thing needed is the plastic bottles of 4 different sizes

I got 3 different sizes of bottles

Take a cutter and cut the bottom part of the bottles as shown in the imgs

Now with a soldering iron make few holes on the bottle plates

Then take a straw and cut them into small pcs

And stick the straw pcs on the holes of the plates

Watch the full making on our YouTube Channel:

Step 2: The Bucket

Now we need another size of bottle plate

So, I got a transparent plastic bucket to use as the bigger plate.

In this plate, I used the middle part of the flexible straws which we can easily bend.

Step 3: The Water Chamber

Now take a glass bucket where the fountain will stand

To stand it I took a bulb holder and a small pc of PVC pipe

Make a hole on the pipe with a drill

Join the pipe with the holder with hot glue

And stick the holder on the glass bucket Connect a 3W submersible pump with the pipe

Step 4: Assembling

Now take a CFL tube and cut it into 4ft hight

Then clear the glass

And join it with the PVC pipe

Now with the soldering iron make a hole in the middle of all the plastic plates

And then attach them one by one with the tube as shown in the imgs.

Step 5: Final Touch...

Attach a LED under the bucket to give a glowing look.

Then connect a 12V adopter with it.

Put some stones in the bucket

And fill the bucket with water.

So the fountain is finally ready

Switch on the LED and the pump and enjoy the peaceful waterfall...

You can also watch the full making video on our YouTube Channel :

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