Introduction: DIY Water Pump With Cover

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This instructable will explain you step by step how to make a quick and easy water pump. This water pump was made in about 20 minutes, with the right materials you can have it done in no time.

Step 1: Tools and Materials

Some materials can vary but the idea is simple. Some of them are recycled and can be found easily in every home.

This is a list of MATERIALS that you'll need in order to make your water pump:

1.DC motor

2. Blade

3. Transparent container

4. Disposable cup

Some TOOLS that may help you make the project:

1. Glue gun

2. Hobby knife

3. Scissors

Step 2: Creating the Main Frame

The first step for creating the pump was getting ready the main frame, where the DC motor is going to be attached.

To start first drill a small hole into the transparent container, where the DC motor's blade is going to be located. Be sure to get a tight container that leaves almost no space on the sides, just enough for the spade to rotate. Cause if the space is to big the pump won't work as planned or not work at all. In this part i used my glue gun to attach the main frame and give it a water tight seal.

Step 3: Finishing the Frame

After the glue was dry and the frame was well attached i continued on with another step that is very important in order to get the pump functioning correctly.

What i did was cut the transparent container size just above the blade using a hobby knife. This is very important step as i mentioned, just like the step before it has to be very exact and tight. Tightness and precision are key to making the pump work well.

Step 4: Placing the Cover

For the cover and other part of the main frame i used a small disposable cup. I chose it because it was very easy to cut and provided a good water cover for my DC motor.

In this part i used my glue gun to be sure i got a watertight seal. Also i preferred using silicon so the frame was strong and could resist some shaking.

Step 5: Finishing Touches!!

For the final steps of the Water Pump, we first need to drill a little hole in the center of the disposable cup (Cover). The little hole is going to serve as the water intake, so make the hole the size of a straw, or the size of whatever you are going to use.

After having that hole ready i got my glue gun and glued the straw to the hole. Use silicon since it helps avoid any water spilling problems.

I repeated the same process on one side of the cover, which would be the output for the water.

After completing this steps you are ready for testing.

I hope this instructable helped you!! Enjoy your pump!

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