DIY: Watermelon Pot

Introduction: DIY: Watermelon Pot

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Add some cuteness to your garden with this WATERMELON pot! Plant spices or pretty flowers!


You are going to need:

-A clay pot

-Green acrylic paint

-Pink acrylic paint

-Paint brush

-Black tape



-Seeds or flowers

-OPTIONAL-Q-tips and white paint

1. Paint the pot pink (everything looks best with 2 coats!)

2. Paint the rim green.

3. Wait for everything to dry.

4. Cut out 'seeds' using the black tape.

5. Stick them on the base of the pot.

6. With a Q-tip, lightly add some white paint streaks on the rim of the pot.

7. Add soil.

8. Plant seeds (I used Basil seeds!) (read the back of your seeds to plant properly!) or flowers!

9. Water and wait for something to grow.

An ADORABLE addition to any garden, porch, or patio!

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Until next time loves!


-Amanda (TrendingSeasons)


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